Several Sam Ash Music executives on Dec. 14 visited the D’Addario headquarters and factories in Farmingdale, N.Y, including Richard Ash, president and CEO of Sam Ash Music; Barry Horowitz, senior vice president of sales and merchandising; and Lee Mendelson, band and orchestra buyer.  It was an opportunity to meet with D’Addario executives and sales team members and to take a tour of both D’Addario’s String Factory as well as Evans Drumheads facility. Both Sam Ash Music and D’Addario are family businesses based on Long Island and the event was an opportunity to connect and learn.

“While Sam Ash and D’Addario as companies are very different, they are strikingly similar as family businesses,” said John D’Addario III. “I thoroughly enjoyed sharing stories about the humble beginnings of both businesses and our family’s long-standing connection, dating back to when our CEO Jim D’Addario was a young boy shopping in one of their original Sam Ash stores in Hempstead.”

(L_R): )Barry Horowitz, Lee Mendelson and Jim D'Addario

(L_R): )Barry Horowitz, Lee Mendelson and Jim D’Addario

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