9 Beats Music & Technology Group announced the launch of its North American subsidiary, 9 Beats USA LLC and music education partnership with Roland at The NAMM Show. To mark the announcement, 9 Beats USA co-owner and world-renowned drummer, Thomas Lang performed at NAMM 2020 alongside 9 Beats USA brand ambassador, 11-year-old drumming phenom, Milana on Roland’s V-Drums Acoustic Design Roland series drum sets.

Founded in 2003, Tianjin China-based 9 Beats Music & Technology Group has utilized over 8000 trained educators, a 68-volume course curriculum and a robust cloud-based learning app to provide music education to over 350,000 students annually in more than 1,200 learning locations across Mainland China.. Headquartered in Oak Park, Calif., 9 Beats USA, LLC is slated to open this year with plans to expand throughout North and South America.

“9 Beats Music & Technology Group has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Roland,” said 9 Beats founder, Li Hongyu. “Back in 2008, we began building a strong relationship with Roland to help develop drum education programs, and in 2017, we proudly named Roland the exclusive sponsor of our ‘Future Star’ talent competition which has grown to over 12,000 annual participants. Extending our partnership with Roland to include 9 Beats USA will help us accomplish our mutual goal of engaging players of all ages to learn, play and experience the fun of making music.”

 Added Roland’s vice president of artist relations and business development, Brian Alli, “Roland V-Drums pairs innovative technology with noise-friendly solutions for young players and parents who want to support learning drums in a fun, engaging social atmosphere. The atmosphere shines even brighter when the teams at 9 Beats and Roland work together like this. Kids are happy to learn, they learn fast, and they build lots of confidence along the way.”

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