Aston Microphones released the first-ever photo of its Aston Element as round two of Project Element opens for voting. Known as the “People’s Microphone,” Element is the first ever mic to have its final voicing decided by a public vote, through a series of blind listening tests of its prototypes alongside competitors’ offerings, stated the company.

Aston will ship in September 2020, but the most important part of Element, its sound, is being decided by the public.

More than 2,000 musicians, engineers and producers have already had their say in Project Element, providing more than 36,000 data-points for the Aston design team to use in development and more are joining each day. With round two open for voting on June 3, it’s not too late to make your opinions count as the project homes-in on deciding the final sound of the world’s first mic ever to be voiced by public vote.

The Voter’s Edition Element will be the first ever production run, which will only be available to registered voters, at a 25-percent discount from the regular price. Limited to 2,500 mics, each will be supplied with an official Aston Family Developer certificate, a letter of thanks from Aston CEO James Young, a special badge and a custom sticker.

Inspiration for the mic came from the Aston 33, a panel, now of more than 600 top audio practitioners and artists who have been involved in similar blind-listening tests on all Aston’s microphones to date, including the 2020 TEC Award-winning Stealth.

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