PRS Guitars has announced a Limited Edition McCarty 594 Singlecut Joe Walsh model. Only 200 pieces will be available worldwide.

“I don’t like new guitars, but out of the box this is absolutely perfect,” Walsh said. “All the stuff on a new guitar that I always have to try to fix, is already done here. Out of the box. Thank you, Paul.”

The PRS McCarty family of guitars is built to embody vintage soul and appointments while utilizing the precision of PRS’s modern manufacturing techniques to make reliable and playable musical instruments. The McCarty 594 Singlecut model features a bound, 22-fret; 24.594-inch scale length Pattern Vintage neck; and a slightly thicker back for enhanced tone and sustain. The Joe Walsh Limited Edition builds on these specifications, adding a Brazilian rosewood fretboard with stainless steel frets. Additional personalized appointments include Paul Reed Smith’s handwritten signature on the front of the headstock, as well as Walsh’s signature on the backplate of each guitar.

“Joe’s endorsement of the McCarty 594 Singlecut Joe Walsh Limited Edition means the world to me. We work very hard to keep pushing the guitar-making craft forward without losing sight of its rich history. The McCarty models have always embodied that balance, and to have a player like Joe Walsh say we’ve nailed it is heartwarming,” said Paul Reed Smith.

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