Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) founder and president Don Lombardi has been honored by the Percussive Arts Society (PAS) with the 2020 President’s Industry Award. The Award recognizes individuals in the percussion industry who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their field and offered support to the PAS.

From humble beginnings, Lombardi became a professional drummer and drum teacher, opening a school called “Drum Workshop” in Santa Monica, Calif. in 1972. Under his guidance, Drum Workshop evolved to become one of the largest drum designers and manufacturers in the world. Lombardi’s pioneering approach to product development has led to more than 30 patents being registered in his name. His stewardship has seen the DW brand portfolio expand to include the revitalized Gretsch Drums, Latin Percussion and Slingerland.

In 2008, Lombardi returned to his educator roots when he established the Drum Channel to share his passion for drumming, further develop drum education and grow the drumming community. More recently he has been instrumental in the founding of Drum Workshop Music Foundation, a new charitable organization whose goal is to provide the gift of music to underserved communities worldwide.

The PAS President’s Industry Award acknowledges Don Lombardi’s unique contribution to the world of drums, his outstanding achievements as a music educator, plus his 50 years of innovation and commitment to the improvement of drums, pedals and hardware.

“I’m honored to be presented with an award from the Percussive Arts Society,” Lombardi said. “Though manufacturing and education may seem like two different endeavors, like PAS I’ve always had a passion for education, and in coming up with inventions my goal has always been to improve the quality of a drummer’s life by designing products that make it easier to play, while also providing new tools to create with.”

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