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Fender, American Professional II

Fender Introduces American Professional II

In late 2016, Fender introduced the American Professional series. Since its debut, American Professional has become widely adopted by players and working guitarists in the world. It is currently played by artists including Michael Kiwanuka, Courtney ...
Key Leaves

Spit Shine: Key Leaves’ Spit Sponge Pad Dryers

Key Leaves released Spit Sponge pad dryers, which remove moisture left behind on pads and tone holes that swabs miss — extending pad life and keeping instruments clean. The Spit Sponge is a unique, dual-texture pad dryer with an ultra-absorbent top t...

In the Presence of Royalty: SABIAN’s Royalty Ride

With the namesake serving as tribute to his old friend, SABIAN’s 18-inch Royalty Ride is a replica of Chick Corea’s ride, as heard on the 1967 recording, “Now He Sings, Now He Sobs.” SABIAN will be introducing this re-creation to market for a limited...

Let’s Get Digital: Casio’s New Digital Pianos

Casio America Inc. added two new models to its digital piano lineup: the CDP-S150 and CDP-S350. Redefining value in digital pianos, the CDP-S models offer a range of features for beginner and professional musicians alike in a slim, lightweight design...

Veddatorial: Feeling Hopeful

People want to and will play music whether or not a traditional outlet is available, something that is making Dan Vedda feel hopeful.