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Roland, Roland Articles

Roland Launches Multimedia Platform

Roland has launched a new multimedia platform featuring written editorial, in-depth mini-documentaries and more. Dubbed Roland Articles, the platform will be home to a curated selection of stories, product guides and interviews. All content on the we...

SABIAN Launches ‘Try Cymbals at Home’ Program

SABIAN announced a new “Try Cymbals at Home” program called Soundcheck. Drummers who take advantage of the program can receive up to four cymbals delivered to their front door that they can try out and play for up to two weeks, then pay only for ...
Tobias Music

Shine a Light: Mom, Pops and Whiskey to Boot

Nothing, not even a global pandemic, will get in the way of Illinois-based Tobias Music's success. Paul Tobias was in high school in October 1978 when his parents — Margaret, a guitar teacher at the local high school, and Ken, a mainstay of the Chic...
Quinlan & Fabish, Muncie Music Center

Quinlan & Fabish Expands

After 80 years of serving East-Central Indiana, Muncie Music Center will unite with another venerable family-owned school music specialist, Quinlan & Fabish Music Co. (QF) on Aug. 1. Muncie will represent the ninth location for QF with five I...