Founded in 2011, Obit Concepts launched its very first DJ bag called the JetPack. It was designed for the working DJs with specific pockets and compartments that made it really easy to carry around DJ gear in an organized manner. The bag was built to be the perfect all-in-one DJ bag with every function and features a DJ may want from a bag.  It had all-around padding to protect the gear, it was made out of water-resistance materials, it had adjustable straps for comfort and it even had a spot to hold business cards.  It also pioneered many innovations that were not seen on a DJ bag before, from including built-in record sleeves, to offering battery bank chargers inside the bag, to allowing DJs to promote their own brand with the customization of their own logos on their JetPack, stated the company.

Fast Forward 10 years, JetPack is now a popular line of DJ bags used by DJs around the world, with the original JetPack now renamed the JetPack Prime, still being one of the most popular DJ bags in the market.  There is a variety of JetPacks for just about any type of DJ out there.

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