The Music & Sound Retailer: November 2019 Digital Edition


Case in Point

Accessories, bags and cases manufacturers continue to see a strong market.

Sweet Sixteen

The Music & Sound Retailer’s salute to lesser-publicized products returns.


The Music & Sound Independent Retailer

Under the Hood

Carbondale, Pa.-based MJC Ironworks, named after owner Michael J. Connolly — well known for his work at Dean Markley, where he was known as the “string guru” — believes it is truly different.


Front and Center

Jessica Buchanan, retail district manager of California, Music & Arts, has had a long, enjoyable and varied relationship with music, starting from childhood. These days, she shares her love of music with many others, including her employees, their customers and music educators.

Five Minutes With

Tech 21 is celebrating 30 years in 2019. We have Dale Krevens, vice president, describe the early days, where the name for the company came from, the secret of its success and much more.

The Final Note

Alex R. Ordoñez, vice president, sales and marketing (North America), Alfred Music, spent eight years in the U.S. Army serving as a chemical operations specialist with an emphasis in nuclear, biological and chemical warfare.


MI Spy

New Haven, Conn., home to Yale University and a thriving arts and theatrical scene, also loves its music. MI Spy seeks a band instrument.


‘Hire’ Learning

Communication is everything. Will Mason offers three rules for leveraging internal communication to increase your team’s productivity.

In the Trenches

Allen McBroom provides a complete guide to the different types of used-gear sellers that may walk into your store.

Retailer Rebel

The idea that consumers owe a retailer loyalty because that dealer went the extra mile, provided them with years of service or any other reason is a fantasy.

Shine a Light

Saied Music has been a mainstay in Oklahoma for nearly 75 years.


Customer acquisition and retention in the school market is precarious. Dan Vedda explains.





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