November 2017 Digital Edition


Overcoming Peaks and Valleys

Eight bags/cases and accessories manufacturers provide an all-encompassing look at their respective markets. Find out how technology can change the bags/cases and accessories industries, learn some quick sales tips to better move these products off your shelves and much more.

18-Product Salute

MSR takes an in-depth look at today’s lesser-publicized instruments. Once again, a spotlight is shone on 18 products that perhaps don’t get the love they deserve from the mainstream press.


The Music & Sound Independent Retailer



Five Minutes With

Like the Music & Sound Retailer, String Swing dates back to 1983. Company vice president Travis Thieman takes a look at the company’s success and what’s coming down the pike. In addition, learn what the company is doing to fend off knock offs of its products sold on Amazon.


MI Spy

MI Spy heads out to the “Big D,” home of the Dallas Cowboys, in search of a ukulele. Did Sky Guitars Music Store, Guitar Center, McBride Music & Pawn or Glen’s Pawn Shop & Music Store take home this month’s prize?


In the Trenches

Allen McBroom would give a lot to bring back the days of 50 points of margin. We can’t, but he explains that each new deal, and each new product, needs to be evaluated in terms of margin and dollar profit per unit sold.

Confessions of a Retailer

According to Donovan Bankhead, every business boils down to three main elements: sales and marketing, finance, and operations.

Shine a Light

Alabama’s Spicer’s Music has definitely lived up to its “Not Your Average Music Store” motto. Learn the story behind the tremendous success story from Tim Spicer.


“I believe we’re stagnant, and too many of us are waiting for some outside event to force our hand in a new direction. At the same time, too many are waiting for something to ‘save’ us,” stated Dan Vedda in his column. It’s time to start talking — and acting — on ideas and plans to “transform some of our honored — yet arthritic — business models,” he added.

Under the Hood

This month, we go Under the Hood with LD Systems’ MAUI 5 GO. The product is a column speaker with an integrated subwoofer that serves as the unit’s base.

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