Wanna Play Music Week

Wanna Play Music Week

Once again, NAMM is calling on all aspiring musicians to pick up a musical instrument and play during its sixth annual National Wanna Play Music Week (May 7 to 13). “People spend too much time regretting the fact that they don’t already play a musical instrument, when it’s as simple as picking up an instrument and playing for the pure enjoyment of it,” said Joe Lamond, President and CEO, NAMM. “National Wanna Play Music Week is about finding the inspiration to strum that old guitar or play a keyboard at your local music store. Now’s the time to experience the fun, life-changing benefits of playing a musical instrument.”

Starting May 7, people of all ages and backgrounds can join in celebrating the benefits of playing music through various activities.

Monday, May 7: Music Monday–Music Monday kicks off National Wanna Play Music Week with nearly 600,000 students across Canada and the U.S. joining together by singing and playing instruments in a collaborative show of support for school music education and the fun and benefits of making music. This year, the cities of San Diego and Carlsbad CA will join NAMM staff and special guests at NAMM’s Carlsbad headquarters to proclaim May 7 as Music Monday and join in the fun of playing music with their community.

Tuesday, May 8: Tech Tuesday–NAMM salutes the leading digital apps, Web sites and tech products that inspire people to learn how to play a musical instrument. From interactive video games to your personal pocket music teacher, learning to play a musical instrument has never been easier or more fun. Visit www.wannaplaymusic.com on May 8 to see which apps, sites and products top the list!

Wednesday, May 9: America’s Favorite Unexpected Musician–It’s surprising how many actors, athletes and politicians also play a musical instrument for fun. Find out which of these “Unexpected Musicians” are America’s favorites on May 9 when NAMM announces the annual public poll results at www.wannaplaymusic.com.

Thursday, May 10: Pledge to Play–Found at www.facebook.com/wannaplaybynamm, NAMM’s “Pledge to Play” is dedicated to empowering those who have always wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument or sing to take the first step. Starting on May 10, each pledge taker will receive monthly inspirational videos with insightful tips for staying motivated, focused and on a clear path to learning how to play music.

Friday, May 11: National Music Store Weekend–This weekend is designated to start the musical journey with a visit to a local music store. NAMM thanks the thousands of local community music stores that serve as music making’s biggest champions. To find local music retailers, visit: http://www.wannaplaymusic.com/dlocator.

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