icons-over-padThinking about starting a blog to promote your music store? Before you get started, let’s take a closer look at what you should consider prior to jumping in. A blog can build credibility, establish you as an expert, open your business to organic search traffic, help grow an audience and become an effective part of your overall online marketing plan.

Blogs operate differently from traditional Web sites because they usually do not require advanced technical skills, HTML knowledge or other coding expertise to manage. Many free blogging tools, such as WordPress and Blogger, are available, and they can get you rolling in minutes. Although you may want to use the blog to promote the products you sell, think about the special aspects of your business that would attract and keep readers’ interest.

Getting started can be tricky. What do you write about? What will people be drawn to? How frequently should you post information? What if nothing happens? The truth is that starting a blog is like anything else: It takes time, energy, effort, practice and patience. However, it can be very rewarding and drive qualified traffic to your store.

Make It Genuinely Useful
Start by putting yourself in the reader’s shoes. Since he or she is visiting a music store blog, the reader could potentially be interested in any aspect of your business. You wear many hats, so it makes sense to start with the area with which you are most comfortable. What would readers find useful and valuable?

Although the nature of most blogs online is to rely on spontaneous entries, it’s in your best interest to plan your attack carefully beforehand. The best way to make your blog an effective marketing weapon is through unique and interesting content. Think about the areas of your business where you are an expert. Select content (topics) that will be perceived as interesting, relevant, educational, insightful, inspiring or useful. Proving the value of your

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