music-and-artsMusic & Arts has opened a newly constructed 112,000-square-foot musical instrument repair, refurbishment and distribution center near the company’s Frederick MD headquarters. More than 100 full-time employees, plus another 40 providing seasonal help, will occupy the space. This facility has allowed Music & Arts to enhance its repair and refurbishment capabilities. The facility includes a repair and refurbishment area, which covers more than 20,000 square feet. The repair shop features two buffing rooms, a wet room with two ultrasonic machines, a training center, a tool room, a high-humidity room, a centralized parts department, a dust room, plus a centralized dust collection system. Since musical instruments are sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity, the facility is carefully climate controlled by a building climate automation system.

Music & Arts now has the largest full-service repair facility in the country. This new repair center will handle even the most complicated of repairs, as well as reconditioning and restoration requests. The repair center will refurbish and repair more than 95,000 band and orchestra instruments during its peak operating season. Music & Arts is an authorized service center for many band and orchestra instrument brands. All repairs and overhauls performed by the company’s technicians are unconditionally guaranteed. The new facility has 36 repair technicians, a number of whom have completed a comprehensive training program that includes technician cross training on flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets and trombones.

The distribution center will receive in excess of 200,000 purchase orders per year and will ship more than 225,000 orders, including instruments, accessories, sheet music and other music-related supplies. A scanning system as well as automated storage and retrieval systems keep this high volume of shipments moving smoothly, efficiently and accurately throughout the year.

“The new technology and the larger space has led to improved efficiency, better customer service and faster order fulfillment,” said EVP of Operations Allan Greenberg. “This expansion is all about enabling us to better serve our growing customer base,” said Kenny O’Brien, CEO of Music & Arts.


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