As something of a companion to last month’s pro-audio cover story, “Speaking Of Sound…,” by Anthony Vargas, we present this month a more narrowly focused look at the amp and speaker segments from the perspectives of two of the market’s heaviest hitters: QSC and Peavey Electronics. Although the conversation touches briefly on guitar amps and other MI-specific products, our focus is centered more on live-sound gear of the sort that brick-and-mortar music stores might look to demo and sell, and perhaps rent or even install.

We asked our two respondents, who will tackle the same questions in turn, to take off their “manufacturer” hats and objectively analyze the trends that currently prevail in the amp and speaker categories. Then, we discussed essential strategies for full-line music stores that want to be successful in the live-sound world. Finally, we asked the executives’ forthright opinion about music stores entering the system installation world, and we inquired as to whether integration services are a viable way for dealers to cultivate a profitable revenue stream.

What do you think about their observations? Get in touch and let us know.


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