Lady Gaga, who participated in the festivities for Super Bowl 50 last year, once again chose a classic, reliable combination for her amazing performance at Super Bowl LI: the Sennheiser SKM 5200 handheld transmitter and an MD 5235 dynamic microphone capsule. Beginning the performance atop the highest heights of NRG Stadium, she performed excerpts from “God Bless America” and “This Land Is Your Land” with Sennheiser capturing every nuance of her naturally dynamic voice. Then, she dove toward the stage in a feat of wires and acrobatics. Once on stage, she launched into a medley of her top hits.

Lady Gaga’s Production Manager, Chris Vineyard, worked with the artist in crafting her 12-minute performance, which included elaborate staging, stunts and dance routines. However, high-quality sound remains at the center of a Lady Gaga show, and the Sennheiser MD 5235 capsule and SKM 5200 transmitter performed extremely well as she delivered her performance to millions of viewers worldwide.

“Sennheiser was really the easiest part in this whole process,” Vineyard said. “We’ve been using Sennheiser microphones for the last eight years, and they perform well every time. Knowing that we could rely on Sennheiser left us with some extra headspace to focus on putting on a great show.”

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