KMC Music is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of Monster musical instrument cable products that include instrument, microphone and instrument amplifier speaker cables.

“Monster MI cables are renowned for their quality and proven reliability,” said KMC merchandising manager Brian Blood. “We are excited to make this iconic line available on an exclusive basis to our network of United States resellers and we are looking forward to rolling out a new series of promotions our resellers can offer their customers to help maximize sell through sales.”

“In addition, Monster is an indispensable component for music lovers, audiophiles, recording studios, sound professionals and musicians — and for good reason,” added Blood. “Monster’s MI cables increase the clarity, dynamics and power of the audio signals that travel through them, which ensures a better sound performance coming from the instrument.”

Mark Corbin, President of Vanco International, global licensee of Monster Pro MI products, added that “KMC’s network of 6,000 resellers, together with the KMC in-house and field sales teams, is going to help us reach more customers in the channel than ever before. We look forward to working with the KMC team to maximize sales of the entire Monster MI cable product line.”

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