In 2017, Fender launched Fender Tone, a free digital app that allows users to seamlessly dial in to thousands of presets and specific tones via the legacy guitar brand’s ever-evolving portfolio of connected amps. Players can now take their music to new heights with the latest iteration of the app: Fender Tone 3.0, available via iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

Tone 3.0 now offers players real-time interactivity to see what the signal chain looks like and how each adjustment is modifying their sound. On the surface, the app’s interface will look simple to a user, but underneath, it’s compositing multiple 3D images together, as players edit their sounds. According to Fender, the updated app includes:

  • A completely new look featuring hi-res 3D graphics
  • Signal path flexibility
  • Real-time interactivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 39 different amp types and 73 effect models for players to choose from; that’s billions to trillions of combinations to explore!
  • A proprietary messaging scheme that serves as a dynamically synchronized wireless controller for Fender’s Mustang GTX, Mustang LT Series and Rumble bass amplifiers.
  • The ability to manage custom presets and browse Fender’s robust amp and effects collection
  • Sharing customized presets with other users on the app.

Doubling down on digital creation, Fender is enhancing the reimagination of Fender Tone with the launch of its most sophisticated connected modeling amps to date: the Mustang GTX Series, which includes the Mustang GTX50 ($349.99), Mustang GTX100 ($499.99) and Mustang LT50 ($299.99).

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