The Music & Sound Retailer: July 2019 Digital Edition


Capitol Improvement

The NAMM Music Education Advocacy Fly-In drew scores to D.C. in an effort to increase ESSA funding.

The Music & Sound Retailer Visits Italy

‘Keys to the Future’ program celebrates Proel’s international success with Dexibell keyboards.


Summer NAMM Product Spotlight

Check out 19 products being featured at Summer NAMM this year.

Under the Hood

There’s a new kid in town. Debuting at Summer NAMM, Kepma Guitar Co. is the No. 1 brand of premium acoustic guitars in mainland China in terms of unit sales, selling more than 25,000 guitars per month, according to It will now be available in the United States.


Five Minutes With

Casio’s Mike Martin has plenty to share about his 11 years with the company, including what Summer NAMM attendees will find at its booth.

The Final Note

Tom Sumner, president of Yamaha Corp. of America, always offers a tremendous amount of fantastic information in any interview he does. Did you know he could have been a songwriter though?


MI Spy

MI Spy searches for pedals in western Massachusetts.


Tips From the Teacher

In honor of our NAMM Advocacy Fly-In cover story, Kimberly Deverell offers her “Four Simple Steps to Get Started With Advocacy.”

‘Hire’ Learning

For MI retailers, there is perhaps nothing more important than customer service. Will Mason offers guidelines to live by.

In the Trenches

Allen McBroom discusses Aristotle in his latest column? Yes, he does. Find out why.

Shine a Light

The Candyman Strings & Things celebrates 50 years at a time when it is clearly at the top of its game. Learn all the details about the Santa Fe, N.M.-based store and its history, as well as how it reached its zenith from co-owner Rand Cook.


The Candyman Strings & Things isn’t the only one enjoying an anniversary. Dan Vedda, owner of Skyline Music, has now been with the Music & Sound Retailer for 21 years. He talks about hope.





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