64 Audio’s Jazmin Moreno offers up three words of advice for women planning to work in the pro audio industry: “Go for it.”

Jazmin Moreno was recently appointed as the new chief marketing officer at 64 Audio, with the key responsibilities of overseeing the company’s marketing and sales initiatives worldwide. With more than a decade’s worth of marketing experience and years working in pro audio under her belt, Moreno enters the role
ready to bring enhanced digital experiences to the company’s customers. How will her previous experiences factor into her goals at 64 Audio? Learn what’s shaped her career, how she plans to push 64 Audio forward as its chief marketing officer and more.

The Music & Sound Retailer: Can you speak about your past job experience and how you got into the pro-audio industry?

Jazmin Moreno: I officially started my journey with the pro-audio industry back in 2011 when I volunteered at NAMM for Ultimate Ears Pro, a division of Logitech Inc. I got the opportunity to start learning the industry from the ground up. My passion to serve has been a key indicator in anything I take on in my career, an important element in my success. Through my journey, I got promoted year after year to each of the vital positions of the business, which gave me the visibility and experience that I needed to take off in my career. In the decade I’ve been with the pro-audio industry, I’ve gotten to streamline systems, create a personalized lead-generation funnel that helped the company grow 20-percent, and bring on crucial partners and solutions to help with the business growth. The customer, and my passion to deliver the best service, lives at the core of my DNA. My journey in the pro-audio industry reflects my love for music. Music, for me,  is a big ignitor, and it fuels my soul on a day-to-day basis.

The Retailer: What about 64 Audio most appealed to you, and what are some of your key responsibilities as chief marketing officer there?

Moreno: What most appealed to me about 64 Audio is the culture of the company and its desire to put the customer at the center of its product innovation. As CMO, my key responsibilities are to build business capabilities through technologies in order to deliver the best digital experiences for our customers while they interact with our brand across digital platforms. I get to align strategy across marketing, sales and customer support. I’m also thrilled to have a direct line of communication with Vitaliy Belonozhko, founder and CEO of 64 Audio, as this creates the opportunity for me to open new markets by developing the right products for the industry.

The Retailer: What were some of the challenges you faced in building your career? What do you consider your greatest accomplishment(s) so far?

Moreno: Some of the challenges I faced in building my career was learning the art of communication, management and culture building. No matter what industry you work in, managing people and organizations requires a high level of communication and vision.

One of my greatest accomplishments was developing a personalized lead-generation funnel that helped us convert leads over time with a return growth of 20-percent for the business. I was able to leverage technology to create what I call a money-making lead-generation machine that allowed us to  bring in leads and only focus on
the 10-percent that would engage with us. Then later on, we would target them with relevant content in order to get them further down the funnel. The idea came to fruition when thinking outside the box. I’m a big fan of the makeup and fashion industry, and they were using YouTube tutorials and educational videos, blogs and personalized content campaigns to market to their customers. Following such an industry and trend allowed me to early on in my career apply that level of personalization to anything I did in terms of marketing strategy and messaging in the pro-audio industry. The sweet spot of all this was in leveraging digital tools and being data driven. With that approach, I was able to create different segments in our audiences in order to help personalize their digital experience while capturing analytics and using data to drive the business.

The Retailer: How do you perceive the role of women in the audio industry, and have things changed at all since you were first starting out?

Moreno: The role of women in  the audio industry is usually not a position of power at the executive level. It’s mainly a male-dominated industry. This has been a big plus for me, since the perspective and strategic approaches I bring to the industry are viewed as innovative, because my approaches and ideas are very different from male approaches. It is a team effort, and based on your culture and experiences, you bring other things to the table.

The Retailer: Have you been able to mentor other women in the industry, and have you had any mentors who helped shape your career?

Moreno: I consider myself blessed, as I’ve had great mentors throughout my career who have taken me under their wing and taught me the lay of the land. This has allowed me to take on new challenges and opportunities at full speed. Thanks to those around me and my eagerness to learn, I’m now living my best life and fulfilling my life dreams at my current job with 64 Audio as chief marketing officer. My journey in the pro-audio industry reflects my passion for music as a music lover, but most importantly, my passion to deliver the best service and products to our customers.

I’ve mentored many women around me in the industry and have lifted them up throughout my career. It’s important to not only inspire them but to be a role model to them and show them that hard work, dedication and perseverance pays off. If you are passionate about what you do and have a vision, the sky’s the limit. My strategy is to step into a room as a student at all times. That way, I come in with an open mindset and the eagerness to learn, which in return helps me evolve and keep reinventing myself through the journey.

The Retailer: What advice would you give women looking to work in pro audio?

Moreno: I would advise women looking to work in the proaudio industry to go for it. It has been a very rewarding journey for me as a woman to be surrounded by very talented men that have mentored me and allowed me to see the music industry as a nongender-biased industry. For me, it has been a thrill to get to work alongside many of my favorite artists and musicians and to see their craft come to fruition through the use and enjoyment of our products that we get to market and sell to them.

On a personal level, the advice I would give women is to follow their dreams and trust their journey. Life is not a straight line but a sequence of events with scattered dots that, only when looking back and reflecting on your life’s path, are you able to connect and make sense of the journey. Enjoy it, savor it and live every second to its fullest.

The Retailer: What are some short-term and long-term goals you’d still like to achieve?

Moreno: At 64 Audio, I’m getting to do what I’m most passionate about, which is creating digital experiences and memories for our customers when they visit our brand online. I recently told my CEO that I’m finally in a place in life where my job doesn’t feel like a job. I get to wake up and get rewarded for doing something that fuels my heart and soul. My short-term goal is to lift others and inspire those around me to be their best version of themselves. My long-term goal as a CMO is to continue growing 64 Audio’s brands globally and to deliver new products to markets that we haven’t tapped into while improving the digital experience of the customer journey and building business capabilities to support the business and customer by putting them at the center of our organization.

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