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Promoting a vacant Facebook page is kind of like running an empty pizza parlor. You might have the best pizza in town, but, if no one comes in to eat, what’s the point? The same holds true for your Facebook fan page. Great content will go to waste without fans to follow, enjoy and take action on your posts.

If you plan to use Facebook to market your store, consider using the Facebook fan page feature. It gives you a free place to promote your brand, including your logo, news and events, unique content and more. You can highlight what matters most every week on the top of your fan page so people know what’s important, and you can see and manage everything in one place.

Many music dealers are already using Facebook and, based on their feedback, they’re getting mixed results. The fan page is different from the typical profile page. The main difference is there is no limit to how many fans you can have.

Getting 1,000 fans to “like” your Facebook fan page may seem daunting and you may feel intimidated by that number. Turn it into a positive and make it your first milestone! Once you achieve 1,000 fans, you will be able to place special “1,000 Likes” graphics on your page that visitors will see.

The following tips will help you build your fan base and start seeing the positive results that a well-visited Facebook fan page can provide to music retailers.

Tip #1 
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