Cover-Page-GENE-FRESCOBy Gene Fresco

The five strongest emotions are Survival, Recognition, Love, Sex and Greed.

February is the month in which Love prevails.

Why? Valentine’s Day!

This is the month that people, usually but not necessarily of opposite sexes, express their love.

As a child, how many times did you bring home a Valentine’s card to your mom?

Music products retail stores will want to capitalize on this emotion by suggesting to someone who loves a musician—be it a son, daughter, husband, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend—that he or she give that person a musical gift.

I know that, by the time you read this, Valentine’s Day might have already passed. No matter! Keep these ideas handy for next year, and it’ll be a better February than ever before.

So, how do you capitalize on this, you ask?

Simple: Decorate your store with lots of hearts, cupids and other Valentine’s Day reminders.

Put a large sign in your store window that reads, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Put heart-shaped price tags on your products.

Play love songs on your store sound system.

In other words, get your customers in the mood!

Remember: People buy with their emotions and, later, justify it logically.

Once you realize this fact, you will be able to design your sales plan around these emotions.

Being in the musical instrument business is truly an emotional experience. What makes us laugh or cry? Music!

What’s more emotional than that?

I bought my twin grandsons a year’s worth of lessons when I heard they got guitars for their birthday. Why? Because I love them!

Love makes all of us do crazy things. Trust me…we are dealing with a very, very strong emotion.

You can make every February a banner month if you do what I am saying, and do it the best way you can.

Write down these five emotions, and have them written on top of whatever plans you have for a particular month. Decide how you will appeal to shoppers that month, and with which emotion.

For instance, most schools graduate in June.

What emotions do you think prevail in that month? If you said Recognition and Love, then (continue reading)

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