Hal Leonard has acquired exclusive distribution rights to products that have been designed for making music spaces safer for combating the COVID-19 virus. The masks and shields are ideal for school and studio settings but can also be used in churches, community theaters, fitness centers, and any place where people use audio or music to practice, perform and record.

Room and Portable Shields

Hal Leonard partnered with Gibraltar to produce two sound and virus shields. The three-panel Acrylic Lesson Room Divider stands five-feet high and six-feet wide. These shields are useful for separating teacher and students placed in smaller rooms for lessons, but they can also be used in larger areas where more separation is required.

Additionally, the Music Stand Shield was designed to sit on the shelf of any standard music stand, turning it into a portable 24” x 30” clear shield. Whether it’s moved to a side for a flautist, raised for a trumpeter or lowered for a saxophonist, this innovative shield can reduce the air flow from almost any instrument and can also serve as a sound diffuser.

Gibraltar also offers a five-panel drum shield and an amp floor sound shield that can be placed on counter tops.

Face Masks & Clear Shields

Hal Leonard searched and found two ideal face protection options. The CapN Shield Clear Plastic Face Shield slides onto the brim of any baseball cap or visor to give the wearer instant protection. When used for singing, the shield also serves as a reflection monitor, so singers can clearly hear their pitch.

The Singers’ Mask is a professional cloth face mask made by Broadway professionals for the Broadway community. These are designed to keep the cloth well off your mouth and feature side vents to improve air flow.

Gator Products

Hal Leonard is also distributing several COVID-19-fighting products from Gator, due to their distribution agreement for Gator’s Levy’s Leathers brand. Hal Leonard will distribute their wind and brass player’s masks with flaps allowing the instrument to touch users’ lips while they keep the mask on, as well as Brass Bell Covers that cover the bell of any brass instrument, minimizing the spread of air droplets.

“We are so happy that we’re able to help our retailers provide items that will help music educators safely continue to teach music,” said Doug Lady, Hal Leonard senior vice president sales. “We carefully vetted these items to make sure they’re high quality so that educators and their students stay safe and healthy during lessons.”

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