The GSI Foundation, in cooperation with Cordoba Guitars, provided 30 ukuleles and one full year of instruction for the entire student body of Brockton Elementary School, a public school in the Los Angeles Unified School District. With approximately 80 percent of the students coming from minority backgrounds and low-income families, this ukulele program was many of the student’s first formal exposure to learning and playing music.

Providing children with the opportunity to experience music firsthand is at the heart of everything the GSI Foundation has done since its founding in 2011. Working closely with the Children’s Music Workshop, the Foundation has been able to support a number of schools in the Los Angeles area as well as those in cities around the country including Chicago and Fort Worth.

The GSI Foundation plans to continue providing support to Brockton Elementary School and other underfunded music programs in the hopes of “making a small, yet noticeable difference in the effort to provide every child with a music education, regardless of their social or economic background.”

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