Beginning in October, Evans Drumheads will have a new look and feel, as all drummers will get a more in-depth look into the innovation and technology built into their favorite drumheads. The new packaging will feature an all-new icon system that breaks down the technological elements of every drumhead we make. Each package will have a head-specific icon printed on its label, so consumers can quickly understand and identify their preferred heads by just glancing at the shelf. Along with the icon, the back of the packaging includes the entire Sound Icon System, contextualizing the selected head among the Evans other technologies in order to help consumers understand how many options they have to customize their sound.

The Icon System is broken up into three sections: thickness, treatment, and technology. The thickness is depicted with an outer ring, the background shows the treatment of the finish (UV, frosted, clear, etc.), and the technology section includes specific symbols defining additional technologies like Hydraulic, Control Ring, Reverse Dot, and more.

“While we’re only now using the tagline, ‘the most advanced drumheads on earth.’ Truth is, that statement could have been made back in 1956 when Chick Evans introduced the first synthetic drumhead,” said Jim D’Addario. “Over the years, Evans became synonymous with game-changing innovation thanks to Hydraulic heads, EQ bass heads and pads. We’re very fortunate to be able to build on this rich legacy with innovations like Level 360, EMAD and UV technology. Like every D’Addario brand, it is our mission to ensure Evans will always be the most coveted and respected name in the percussion business.”

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