Friendly River Music and Kala Brand Music are teaming with ukulele instructor Duncan Perry to bring music lessons to first responders and healthcare workers. Perry has taught more than 400 students during his time in the industry, and Friendly River Music owner John Barton was eager to work with him on this project.

Perry has also worked with the Trauma Intervention Program prior to this, giving him firsthand insight into the stressors first responders face. The ukulele instructor felt it was necessary to give back, particularly after first responders have spent months on the front lines during the COVID-19 health crisis.

When Barton reached out to Kala Brand Music’s Bill Peterson, the ukulele brand owner was immediately interested in getting involved. Kala supplied Friendly River Music with a dozen ukuleles for Perry’s program, which arrived in the mail less than a week after Barton and Peterson spoke.

“Bill did not send entry-level instruments,” Barton said. “He and Kala provided some very nice instruments, and even covered shipping costs.”

Perry’s classes are being held virtually, and Friendly River Music reports that they’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students thus far.

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