Audio-Technica (A-T) has launched a redesigned website at The updated site presents a new user experience from the Audio-Technica brand and was developed with mobile capability in mind. The platform features a responsive design that adjusts depending on the device the visitor is using, along with an intuitive interface that’s content-focused and a streamlined navigation tool.

Consumers can find all the latest information on Audio-Technica’s products on its new website, covering everything from the company’s lineup of microphones and headphones to turntables, cartridges and commercial audio products. An enhanced ecommerce functionality also facilitates efficient online transactions with free shipping in the U.S. The site serves customers in the U.S., Canada, Latin America and EMEA.

“The new A-T site was designed with a mobile-first philosophy, meaning that all visitors to the site can expect the same high level of brand experience no matter their device – mobile, tablet or desktop,” Peter Baker, Audio-Technica U.S. Creative Director, stated. “The mobile-first approach is essential for any forward-looking brand that is moving with the speed of their customers’ online expectations. The basic aesthetic of the Audio-Technica brand is simplicity, and all of our communications reflect a clean and simplistic approach, which allows our products and photography to do the talking. There are no unnecessary distractions, and we communicate our diverse product mix without being overwhelming to our users.”

In addition to featuring categories that audio enthusiasts and professionals associate with Audio-Technica, the website now highlights important aspects of the brand’s history. Another enhancement is a comprehensive Commercial Audio section of the site that has been specifically intended for consultants, contractors and system integrators.

The A-T website will be updated on a regular basis with news of product launches, press releases, corporate milestones and more.

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