Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater became the first artist to officially endorse the Radial Key-Largo, a combination keyboard mixer, digital-to-analog interface, and performance pedal.

“The Radial Key-Largo is my new best friend!” said Rudess. “It’s hard to believe all the audio connectivity goodness inside this compact unit. After I plugged in two stereo keyboards, my stereo iPad and my Seaboard as well as a standard MIDI keyboard through the DIN port, all I could do was smile!”

The Radial Key-Largo is a compact mixer designed specifically for keyboard players. It features three stereo input channels for analog keyboards, a 24-bit/96k USB interface for a laptop to either play soft-synths or record, plus MIDI connectivity. There are two performance footswitches and a stereo insert jack for a volume pedal. The first footswitch activates the effects loop enabling the keyboard player to turn on or off effects on the fly.

“Immediately after we announced the Key-Largo at the January NAMM show, Jordan contacted us to get a Key-Largo for his personal use,” said Jim Rhodes, Radial Engineering artist relations. “He said that it looked like the perfect keyboard mixer for his setup. As soon as the first unit came out of production, I grabbed it and sent it to Jordan to play with. His response was no less than jubilant. Not only did he send us a letter describing his experience, he also sent us a video to share with Radial fans. I think this level of support only serves to show how cool the Key-Largo really is!”

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