Jim Mays helped the retailer become one of the largest on the east coast.

Jim Mays

Jim Mays

Bill’s Music store manager Jim Mays has retired from the Catonsville, Md.-based retailer after 46 years of working side by side with owner Bill Higgins.

“Without Jim’s hard work and dedication, I can honestly say that Bill’s Music would not be what it is today,” said Higgins. “We will miss Jim’s quick wit, his knowledge of history, his weather reports and updates on the Baltimore Orioles’ games. Jim, we thank you for your many years as manager of Bill’s Music and even more so for your friendship. All of us here at Bill’s will miss you tremendously and hope you enjoy your well-deserved retirement.”

Mays grew up in Catonsville, M.D., and by the age of 17, was playing bass guitar in a local band called the Ebb Tides. He went on to join a Baltimore band, the Koffee Beans, during which time he was employed at Bill’s Music as a teacher and store manager. Mays would continue to manage the store alongside Higgins and his family for the next four decades.

Through the years Mays took on many roles such as accounts payable and band instrument manger, ordering inventory, training new employees and being an “all-around nice guy.”

Mays was most recently inducted into the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame.

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