screensAs an independent MI dealer, you know how frustrating it can be to get a telephone sales call in the middle of a busy day, especially a call that takes too much time because the rep won’t cut to the freakin’ chase. I believe these calls are a necessary evil because the information is important…but the interruptions, frankly, suck. On the other hand, my heart goes out to these telemarketers. I helped train these unsung heroes for a number of prominent manufacturers, with the focus on showing the utmost respect for your time by getting to the point as quickly as possible. Over the years, I have preached how it’s all about getting the facts straight…quickly. Still, there are not enough telemarketing reps out there today who know how to give you the benefits before you lose interest.

With the advent of big-box “house accounts” and the price of gasoline, yesterday’s road rep has had to adapt to today’s changing times. Those who are still around are working more than ever from home using remote communication technology as their communication tool. Bigger companies simply employ full-time, in-house telemarketers who are intent on making your phone ring more than ever. With all this going on, how in the world do well-meaning manufacturers provide you—the independent dealer—with an info-packed, attention-holding presentation from afar? A presentation that uses a telephone conversation, but that won’t put you to sleep in the first 30 seconds.

There’s a fresh approach for MI manufacturers to deliver B2B telephone propositions to you—the independent dealer—faster and more…


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