spytimeIt was on a sunny day that I started my mission in Santa Cruz CA. The Chief had called me and ordered the trip south for guitar pedal investigation. The mission was gladly taken on. (I had my own ulterior motives to explore such devices for secret spy purposes, as well as having a deep-seated urge to hit the beach.) As I got into my car, my mind filled with visions of beaches and sizzling rays warming my skin…fantasies of lounging on the sand and watching the surf after sussing out music stores for the best deals.
My visions were false, however. As I drove down Highway 17, winding my way through hairpin mountain turns, the day became as gray as you’d imagine Gotham City to be, fog creeping in and attacking with its malicious, sun-blocking fingers from all directions. I felt a frown start to creep over my face, but then I remembered that I was on a very worthy gear mission. This trumped any weather that might come my way. If anything, the looming infiltration of fog made it easier for me to focus on my spy mission without being even a bit distracted by the long stretches of beach surrounding Santa Cruz proper. (Fog often comes with wind, and this Spy is not a fan of shivering on the beach.) Regardless, I made a mental note to travel home via the coastline highway, so as not to squander any epic view I might gaze upon on the journey home. It seemed a waste to drive all the way to Santa Cruz without witnessing the splendor of the ocean.


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