Christian Martin IV, chairman and CEO of C.F. Martin, announced he and his wife Diane donated $100,000 to the NAMM Foundation. He also encouraged others to make donations, if possible, to help those in need during the pandemic.

Martin and Jacqueline Renner, president of C.F. Martin, also discussed many other topics, including the company’s executive transition, during “A Conversation with Chris Martin and Jackie Renner,” which was presented on Jan. 19 during NAMM’s Believe in Music Week. Martin will transition to executive chairman of the company, while Renner will retire. A search for a new president and CEO of C.F. Martin is underway.

Martin stressed he will still appear at trade shows, as well as MI retail stores in the future, to convey the C.F. Martin story. He confirmed future NAMM Shows will have both an in-person and virtual component to reach many around the world that cannot attend the Anaheim show.

Renner added that she hopes to travel, if the pandemic allows, as well as join the boards of directors of family-owned businesses. “We will make sure the new person on board gets all of our support,” said Renner. “We will do our best to make it a smooth transition.”

Looking back on his 35 years at C.F. Martin, Chris Martin said he has learned to listen well to other people. He added many of his best memories involved going to trade shows and traveling all over the world.

Renner added that relationships with partners provided many of her best moments as company president for the past five years. She stated the best way to lead is by utilizing your strengths. “Lead with your heart and your mind,” said the first female president in C.F. Martin history.

Martin concluded that the next generation of C.F. Martin should be in good hands. “I have a feeling there will be more opportunities for us,” he relayed. “I am not sure what those are yet. But I hope they are interesting and rewarding.”

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