Celestion’s Alnico Cream Guitar Speaker

Celestion’s Alnico Cream Guitar Speaker, boasting 90-watt power-handling capability, has been purpose-built to create vintage tones, whatever kind of amp is being used. By applying new technologies and manufacturing methods developed during the creation of Celestion’s Creamback speakers, the company has delivered a higher power rating while preserving the essence of an alnico guitar speaker. Bringing a laid-back attack, the Cream exudes warm lows and a brilliant, bell-like chime. It has smooth and organic mids, further characterized by a fine-grained detail that adds a hi-def quality to the vocal range. The Celestion Cream has been created to emanate alnico class with all kinds of amps, from one watt to 90 watts. It conveys a sweet, satisfying warmth, detailed expressiveness and excellent musicality, even at low power levels. For details, call 732.683.2356 or visit celestion.com.

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