The Music & Sound Retailer: August 2018 Digital Edition


Education Ascends at Summer NAMM

Quality breakfast session and other educational sessions led Summer NAMM attendance to rise 5 percent to 15,010 in late June.

Spinning and Winning

DJ and lighting manufacturers told the Music & Sound Retailer they are optimistic about what the future holds.


Music & Sound Award Winners in Photos

Summer NAMM in Photos

Under the Hood

Multimedia’s UNO Synth is in the spotlight.


Five Minutes With

Allan Reiss, senior product development manager at CHAUVET DJ, joins us to provide information about the company, industry and more.

Front and Center

Chalise Zolezzi, director of public relations and social media, NAMM, is easily one of the key cogs that makes the trade group tick.

The Final Note

Daniel Shatzkes nearly never entered MI. In fact, he even took his MCATs to become a doctor. Find out why he changed his mind, plus much more.


MI Spy

In honor of our DJ/lighting issue, MI Spy put on his/her mobile DJ hat and headed to the Mile High City. Let’s see what Denver had to offer.


Special to the Retailer

Several MI retailers have expressed concerns about collections companies. We take an in-depth look.

Shine a Light

Petaluma, Calif.-based Silly Strings Guitar Shop just opened its store on Halloween, but has already been named to the NAMM Top 100 Dealers list.

In the Trenches

Allen McBroom explains several things every new store owner must know in order to be successful.

Retailer Rebel

Gabriel O’Brien wrote his column at midnight Alaska Daylight Time. Clearly, his topic — video — is important.

‘Hire’ Learning

Will Mason continues his discussion on a crucial topic: hiring the right people.

Confessions of a Retailer

A key to making sure your sales pipeline is full is ensuring your store truly is amazing, states Donovan Bankhead.


When it comes down to it, customer service is what really separates you from the competition.





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