MIRC (Musical Instrument Reclamation Corp.) owner Monte Richards has decided to retire after 27 years. Accompanying the news of his retirement came the announcement of the formation of a new ownership group to lead the company through its next phase of expansion, including CEO Jason Gano, a 30-year MI veteran working for manufacturers such as St Louis Music, Korg, Marshall and Cordoba Music Group.

“I’m excited for the future of the company I created and I cannot wait to see the company grow in new areas under their leadership,” said Richards.

Added Gano: “This is such a unique business model. Our talented team is the best at sourcing, repairing and restoring instruments and we can supply retailers with quality used instruments to support their business and their customers. We provide educational programs, including The Music Retail Show podcast, to help retailers grow and manage their businesses.”

Another member of the new ownership is 27-year industry veteran Richard Bennett. Bennett has been with MIRC for 19 years and now becomes the company’s president, running day-to-day operations. “With this purchase it is a new adventure in helping store owners get quality, profitable product they can sustain their business on,” he said. “We are excited for what the future holds for us all.”

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