Looking to boost your social media strategy in 2021? Check out these five Believe in Music Week sessions.

As we head into a new year, it’s time for companies to start planning their social media strategies for the next 12 months. The COVID-19 health crisis forced brands to take a more hands-on approach to their online presence in 2020, with fears surrounding the virus and government restrictions causing brick-and-mortar stores to see less foot traffic. With more consumers shopping online, a store’s internet presence is now more important than ever. That includes its social media branding.

As MI stores head into 2021, they’ll need to keep up with social media efforts in order to keep their online audiences engaged and interested. If you’re hoping to boost your social following and content over the next 12 months, NAMM’s Believe in Music Week has a number of education offerings that can help.

Here are five Believe in Music sessions attendees should definitely check out for social media tips.

Social Media in 2021: 5 Ways Your Strategy Must Evolve

With just about everything changing over the past year, it’s to be expected that the usual ways of doing business will have to shift too. Reverb’s Mallory Nees understands this, and her session, “Social Media in 2021: 5 Ways Your Strategy Must Evolve” will help business owners adapt and find new ways of making an impact on social media platforms. Connecting with your audience virtually is more important than ever, and after this session, your store will have new ideas on how to do that.

Here’s what NAMM has to say about Nees’ panel:

“You know that social media is a critical tool for not only driving sales but also for engaging with your customers and community. But in the past year, the world has changed: People are spending more time than ever online, platforms are evolving and tactics that have worked in the past aren’t having the same impact. In this session, Reverb’s Mallory Nees—who leads strategy for Reverb’s social media channels, with more than 2.1 million combined followers—will help you rethink your social media strategy for 2021. You’ll walk away with actionable tips to help you connect online with the audiences that matter to you most.”

How We Went From 900 to 90,000 Instagram Followers

If your store is hoping to boost its online presence in 2021, being on Instagram is no longer an option. According to Sprout Social, Instagram is second only to Facebook when it comes to the number of users logging in daily. The visual platform caters to younger generations and is expected to reach 125.5 million active users. If you aren’t already taking advantage of it, now might be the time to start.

Whether you’re just hopping on the Instagram trend or have been using the platform for a while now, increasing your company’s following is the key to a successful strategy. Haworth Guitars’ Glenn Haworth will cover how your brand can attract new Instagram followers in his session, “How We Went From 900 to 90,000 Instagram Followers.”

According to NAMM, here’s what attendees can expect from Haworth’s discussion:

“Glenn Haworth of Haworth Guitars has grown his company’s Instagram from 900 to 90,000 followers, and in this session, he’ll show you how. Find out how to take photos for maximum impact, when to post and how often to post, what types of content to write and what hashtags to use. Haworth will also discuss how competitions can boost your Instagram community, using influencers to share your content, Instagram Stories versus news feed posts and linking your posts to online sales. Pick up tried-and-true Instagram power tips to bolster your marketing and grow your business. (This session was originally presented at The 2020 NAMM Show and is back—and updated—by popular demand.)”

How to Increase Sales With Facebook, Instagram and Google Digital Ads

Your company may already have a decent social media following but be hoping to use ads to increase sales in the upcoming year. With e-commerce booming, it’s a good time to learn about Facebook and Instagram advertising. And Amplify 11 founder and president Tracy Hoeft will cover both of those topics in her Believe in Music Week session, “How to Increase Sales With Facebook, Instagram and Google Digital Ads.”

NAMM’s description of Hoeft’s discussion reads as follows:

“Discover how to boost your sales and profits with Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising. Tracy Hoeft, founder and president of Amplify 11, has managed more than 100 million ad impressions in the last year, and in this rapid-fire session, he’ll share with you what is working best. Get specific, applicable tips and a framework you can use to improve your online advertising and get more customers into your store or onto your website in 2021.”

What You Must Know About Your Social Media Metrics

If your company is planning to boost its social efforts in 2021, learning about social media metrics — and how they can be used to reach your goals — is crucial. Far too many brands get caught up how many likes they’re getting or “going viral,” but best-selling author and founder of UnMarketing, Scott Stratten, will explain why metrics are more important during his Believe in Music Week panel. “What You Must Know About Your Social Media Metrics” will use examples from Stratten’s business to explain the importance of metrics in online marketing.

Per NAMM, Stratten’s session will elaborate on the following:

“Don’t be seduced into the vanity of going viral! Often, achieving viral status on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other platforms feels good but means nothing. Find out what metrics actually matter to your online media marketing in this special session from Scott Stratten, best-selling author, marketing rebel and sales, branding and relationship expert. He’ll reveal what you want to know about metrics using a real-life case study from his own business.”

Why Your Social Media Isn’t Working … Yet

Not sure where to begin when it comes to improving your company’s social strategy? Dan Shinder of Social Media on Steroids is here to help. In “Why Your Social Media Isn’t Working … Yet,” Shinder will dive into the reasons your current social media efforts may not be working, and how you can use a platform’s algorithm to reach a larger audience.

The official description for Shinder’s discussion states:

“Right now, algorithms on social media platforms are likely preventing you from reaching more people. And simply paying for ads and boosting posts isn’t necessarily the answer. Join Dan Shinder of Social Media on Steroids and Drum Talk TV for this fast-moving session, and get proven tips to reach more of your audience on Facebook and Instagram. Find out how to open the valve and get your quality content in front of the people you want to see it.”

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