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She Rocks Hollywood

The She Rocks Showcase at the ASCAP Expo, which took place several weeks ago, gave a diverse roster of female musicians a voice by offering the opportunity to perform. It also created exposure for the Women’s International Music Network—The WiMN—and the hand-selected artists who performed. Laura B. Whitmore provides a rundown.

Treasure Hunting

As Summer NAMM regains strength and becomes more of a destination show, it is starting to be recognized as a prime occasion to release innovative new products. That’s why, a couple of years ago, The Retailer extended our “New Product Spotlight” series to the summer show. This year, we present nearly three dozen offerings.


Five Minutes With

In recent years, Peavey’s decision to move substantial manufacturing overseas has generated controversy, stirring criticism among some dealers and players. In this frank interview, Courtland Gray, COO, tackles that subject head on, while also reflecting on his musical history, discussing Peavey’s legacy, offering advice to brick-and-mortar dealers and hinting at innovative new products.

Mission Report

MI Spy

It’s not very often that The Chief sends our intrepid MI Spy to the Midwest. This month, though, that’s just what the boss had in mind. Our sleuth scopes out PA systems in Milwaukee WI, trying to find good value and standout customer service. Read on to see which store, like the cheese, stands alone.


The Music & Sound Independent Retailer

An update on your fellow brick-and-mortar independent retailers.


Confessions Of A Retailer

Springfield Music’s Donovan Bankhead, The Retailer’s newest bimonthly columnist, is a fixture at the Idea Center during NAMM expositions. He’s all about shaking up the status quo. His first column teaches you how to do just that.

Shine A Light

Two years ago, The Retailer spoke with Nick Marocco, who, at the time, was the Owner of Bluesairmen Guitars. Now, he’s heading up a successful new retail operation: Rock City Music Company.

Retailer Rebel

Larry’s Music Center’s Gabriel O’Brien is intimately familiar with Internet-age strategies for growing and branding your retail store. This month, he explores the importance of creating and sharing original content.

Business & Marketing

David Hall works for Wisconsin-based Hartland Music and its music-education division, the Waukesha County Conservatory of Music. This month, he offers tips for how to supercharge your lessons program.


Plenty of ink has been spilled writing about MAP in the music products industry. Dan Vedda’s concern doesn’t revolve around price, though. His concern centers on enforcement.

Under The Hood

Recently, Kala Brand has broadened its product portfolio and its price-point range, opening up the brand to every player. However, no product has gained more attention, or greater acclaim, than Kala’s 2016 Elite Series Ukuleles.

NAMM U Schedule At Summer NAMM

Summer NAMM Exhibitor List

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