With more DJs, mobile entertainers and event companies adding the professional look of trussing to their shows, TRUSST from Chauvet is developing products that offer the ease of use, versatility, affordability and style that this market demands.  The company will be showcasing its recent product innovations at 2015 Winter NAMM, Booth #5574.


Highlights of the TRUSST NAMM exhibit include: a new clamp for creating hang points on Keder beam-type tents; an extremely versatile hinge that works with square and triangle conical truss as well as standard 12’ bolt plate truss; an all-metal tripod crank stand that comes with a T-bar adapter and optional carry bag; and a new series of scrim products for creating fabric columns on TRUSST CT-290 series  box truss, standard 12” bolt plate box truss, tripods and X-stands, which will add style to any show.


Here is a closer look at products that TRUSST will be featuring at NAMM:


TRUSST Tent Clamp – This adjustable zinc-plated steel clamp was designed specifically for creating hang points on clear span tents that use Keder-type framework. It provides a secure connection point for hanging lighting, audio gear and décor elements, safely supporting weights up to 330 pounds (150 kg).  A permanently attached eye bolt allows for a quick and easy connection with standard rigging shackles and round slings or wire rope.  The clamp also features a built-in safety cable attachment point.


TRUSST Versa Hinge – Don’t get unhinged trying to put together corner sections of truss! Whatever type (or types) of truss you’re using to build your rig, chances are the new Versa Hinge from TRUSST will be able to do the job.  That’s because the unique Versa Hinge is compatible with square or triangular conical truss as well as standard 12” bolt plate truss, making it the most versatile hinge in the industry. Users can easily set the desired angle between sections of truss via a built-in lock arm, which is integrated into the unit itself – another quality feature that sets the Versa Hinge apart from most other hinges.  Made of 10mm thick 6061 T-6 aluminum, this rugged hinge is built to withstand years of use. It comes with 8 conical connectors, 8 spigots and 8 cotter pins.


TRUSST Crank Stand 3.0 (CT-CS30) — This robust, feature-rich tripod stand truly cranks up the value!  Adjustable in height up to 9.8 feet (3m), it’s capable of lifting and supporting an impressive load for its size — up to 132 pounds (60 kg).  Plus, with all-metal construction, there are no plastic parts to break.  There are no hardware accessories to buy either, since the CT-CS30 comes complete with a versatile T-bar adaptor that’s adjustable to multiple sizes of truss.  Among its other convenient  features: a 35mm top tube that allows direct installation of a speaker cabinet; an M12 thread at the top that accepts most lighting clamps; a built-in safety lock that prevents the load from slipping down; and hard rubber feet that protect flooring surfaces from scratch damage. An optional carry bag is available (sold separately).


TRUSST Scrim – Give your show a more professional look by creating spectacular fabric columns with TRUSST Scrim.  Designed to cover different-sized truss structures, tripods and X-stands, this attractive white scrim not only hides unsightly cables, it can also be uplighted  to create a unique colored décor element that will add drama and excitement to any performance or production.


TRUSST Scrim is available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate the needs of mobile entertainers:  2.0m (CT-SC20W), 2.5m (CT-SC25W), and 3.0m (CT-SC30W), which fit TRUSST CT-290 series box truss or standard 12” bolt plate box truss; Tripod Duo Scrim (CT-SCDUO) to cover tripod stands; and X-Stand Scrim (CT-SCX) to mask X-stands.  Safe and durable, all TRUSST Scrim products are fire-retardant and are made of a strong stretch fabric, with double-stitched seams for extra strength and additional elastic sewn into the ends to prevent slippage.  A zippered carry bag is included with each product.

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