Tish Ciravolo founded Daisy Rock Girl Guitars in 2000 with a mission of introducing girls, and women of all ages, to the guitar. She seeks to give them the opportunity to enjoy making music by helping to level the playing field and counteract the discrimination that sometimes takes place for women who pursue a career as musicians.

A lifelong guitar and bass player, Ciravolo has played in dozens of bands. However, she had always felt like most instruments were heavy, thick and uncomfortable, and she had also experienced discomfort in music stores, rehearsal facilities, sound checks and other places, owing to the earlier-referenced discrimination. With that feeling in the back of her mind, combined with her love of guitar and her desire to help girls and other women pursue their dreams, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars was born.

The inspiration came, of all things, from a flower. Ciravolo’s young daughter was drawing one day and drew a picture of a daisy. Ciravolo added on a neck and headstock, and she showed the drawing to her husband, Michael Ciravolo, President of Schecter Guitar Research. She had the idea that she wanted to create guitars that were slimmer and lighter, with fun body shapes and sizes. Her goal was to inspire more young girls to learn to play guitar. And, along with that, she hoped to diminish the negative attitude toward female guitar players.

Since then, Ciravolo has shared her love and knowledge of the guitar with girls all around the world in other ways, as well. Several years after founding Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, Alfred Music approached her to write the first girl guitar method, “Girl’s Guitar Method, Book 1” and “Book 2” (featuring Janet Robin teaching guitar on the DVD collection). She then went on to write “Girl’s Bass Method” and “Girl’s Ukulele Method” with Alfred Music.

Today, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars remains the only girl guitar company in the world, and it continues to grow each year. A lot has been going on in the past few months with Ciravolo and her company. So, we recently caught up with her to get the scoop on what’s new.

Women’s International Music Network: You recently signed a new distribution deal for Daisy Rock Girl Guitars. How will that help you continue your mission to share the love of guitar with girls and women?

Tish Ciravolo: Signing the distribution deal with KMC Music is going to be amazing for the growth of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars. We are boldly going where no girl guitar has gone before! JAM Industries/KMC Music is one of the largest musical distributors out there, and we are going to put Daisy Rock Girl Guitars all over the world! KMC’s reach is incredible, and they are committed to growing the Daisy Rock Girl Guitar brand and our artist roster.

The WiMN: Are there any other ways you’re currently sharing your message with young, female potential musicians? We hear you’ve been doing some motivational speaking and you have some other personal projects in the works.

Ciravolo: ​I embarked on an amazing journey as a motivational and inspirational speaker last year. I am bringing the message to all females—young and old—that girls can play guitar. I also have a very talented best friend, whom I write with. We have several projects in the works, including animated cartoons and full-length feature films that instill the message that girls can play guitar. That is always the mission…doing whatever it takes to get more girls to learn how to play guitar. And, hopefully, we’ll make them laugh along the way. I guess that means I’m available for hire for everything from keynotes to standup!

The WiMN: Have you seen any other new initiatives in our industry that are encouraging girls and women to create and play music?

Ciravolo: I am completely convinced that what Laura B. Whitmore has done with the She Rocks Awards has been a long time coming in this industry. Finally, women are being recognized in the music industry for the movers and shakers that they are, and they’re finally being honored. There are more companies in our industry run by women than ever before, and we should realize that it’s also because there are some pretty awesome guys out there who believe it should be that way. I am so positive about the future of women in music. Every day, it only gets better!

The WiMN: Anything new on the horizon for Daisy Rock that you can share?

Ciravolo: The sun will come out tomorrow and Daisy Rock Girl Guitars will bloom once again, bigger and better than before. That is my 2017 horizon. Daisy Rock Girl Guitars with JAM Industries/KMC Music is going to blossom like never before. The 2017 NAMM Show will feature our bestsellers. Then, some amazing surprises will be hitting for Summer NAMM!

The WiMN: Any other parting words?

Ciravolo: I continue to follow my dream that every girl who wants to play guitar is welcomed and inspired to do so. I like to say, “If I can do it, so can you!”

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