Hand-fadeVirtually every piece I write for The Retailer is enjoyable to work on, inasmuch as I’m writing about music making, an activity that not only is fun and offers tangible health and wellness benefits, but also presents a way for people to express their creativity and showcase their artistry. “The Good Stuff,” though, is probably the most fun—and the most heartening—piece I write all year; it’s wonderful to review all the charitable, philanthropic and community-affirming work that MI industry members do on a yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily basis. These stories truly exemplify the idea of “doing well by doing good” and amply demonstrate that, although we’re all in business to earn a living and realize monetary success, there are things that are even more important than profit margins and the bottom line.
Once again, this year’s “The Good Stuff” presented a happy problem: There were far more submissions than we could possibly fit into a single story. So, we’ll present part two next month, featuring another 20 or so companies that are doing their part to make the world just a little bit better.

KHS America
Recently, Jupiter and Mapex invited the Nashville Symphony and Nashville Metro Schools to their corporate headquarters for donations of musical instruments. Jupiter Band Instruments teamed up with the Nashville Symphony and the Predators Foundation for its school…

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