Sweetwater introduced a new program designed to help guitarists and bassists find the ideal cases to protect their instruments. The company’s exclusive Certified Fit Case Program makes it easy for a player to confidently choose a case that truly fits their guitar or bass, and that will protect their investment for years to come, stated Sweetwater.

Sweetwater’s experienced and expert Guitar Gallery team — which is responsible for putting every instrument through a 55-point evaluation before it ships to a customer — spent hours personally placing a huge range of guitars in different cases from trusted manufacturers including Gator, SKB and more. Specially developed processes and analysis were used to determine not just if the instrument would sit in a case, but how well the case conformed to the guitar or bass and supported it, from top to bottom; headstock to end pin.

A variety of criteria must be met for case to qualify as a Certified Fit Case. For example, the instrument’s headstock cannot have any contact with the bottom or the lid of the case and there can be no gaps between the neck and the case’s neck rest. This ensures that the neck is supported properly, the case isn’t coming into contact with the tuning machines, and that the case’s built-in shock absorption can work as intended.

The team also makes sure that the case isn’t applying excessive force to the instrument’s critical or delicate components. That means no excessive pressure on the bridge and top for acoustic instruments, and no pressure on the knobs and switches on electric instruments. Once all of the requirements have been satisfied, the case is a Certified Fit for the respective instrument, and the player can trust that their investment in their instrument will be well protected.

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