Sweet Relief has raised more than $9,000 by selling FretWraps String Muters donated by Gruv Gear. The charity will continue to support those in need by raising more money with additional donations from Gruv Gear, which include: GigBlade gig bags for guitar, bass and ukulele; Sliiv Tech Sleeves for laptops and tablets; and Vibe school backpacks. In previous years, Gruv Gear has also provided GigBlades for many of Sweet Relief’s signed guitar auctions.

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund provides financial assistance to musicians and music industry workers struggling to make ends meet when facing illness, disability and more recently, COVID-19.

“Our team is super proud to support such a great cause, especially in these unprecendented times of the pandemic, affecting so many musicians around the world,” Gruv Gear founder and president, Jay Baldemor, said. “The amazing people at Sweet Relief continue to create timely programs to help musicians in need, and we’re happy to even be a small part of that.”

Aric Steinberg, executive vice president of development and artist relations at Sweet Relief, added, “We’re so grateful to our friends at Gruv Gear for supporting our music community, their donations have raised over $9,000 and we’ve been able to help even more people thanks to their contributions. Gruv Gear is directly responsible for providing assistance with vital living expenses to over 20 music industry professionals in desperate need.  Thank you to Jay, Janeth, Jeff and the rest of the amazing team at Gruv Gear!”

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