slm silverstein

St. Louis Music has partnered with Hackensack NJ-based Silverstein Works and will distribute their ligatures in the U.S. and Canada.

“I was introduced to Silverstein Works ligatures at NAMM 2014 and was immediately intrigued,” said Craig Denny, Vice President, Band & Orchestra at St. Louis Music. “I could tell they were operating at another level, and watched their progress with an eye towards making a partnership, which we’re thrilled to have achieved.  SLM is very excited to expand Silverstein’s main street reach.”

Silverstein Works has worked hard to find the perfect balance of material and design to eliminate noise created by the vibration of the reed and contact with the ligature. By minimizing contact with the reed, Silverstein ligatures allow it to fully vibrate, allowing for a much improved tone and player experience. Silverstein Works produce ligatures for Alto, Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Clarinets and more.

Silverstein Works ligatures are in stock now at SLM and available to dealers.

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