spybbqWhat a great spy assignment! I’d be traveling along the Blues Highway, eating delicious barbecue and hanging out on Beale Street, where the music comes alive. I was headed to Memphis TN, baby! There is not a bathroom in town without a picture of the King himself, Elvis Presley. Really…every public bathroom has a black-and-white picture of Elvis Presley, the city’s favorite son.

The Chief really had a good idea on this one, and I was glad to be the sleuth of choice to follow through on the assignment. When The Chief first sent me the mission, I was thinking, “Ahhh…warmer weather and sunshine!” I had actually never been in Memphis. I began looking for a pair of blue suede shoes. I couldn’t find any, but, luckily, my gray tennis shoes got me through.

Even though this might sound like a “cake” assignment, it definitely should have been classified under “hazardous.” When I headed out to start my adventure, I found bright sunshine, birds singing and a morning that brought warmth that continued to get warmer throughout the day. That was all great…for a couple of days.

Then, when it was time to hit the road and head home, the temperature dropped and an unusual ice storm descended upon the entire area through which I needed to drive. I got ahead of the storm, racing through mostly rain, but then I hit stopped traffic, snow-covered roads and ice. There was nothing to do but just sit in traffic and, when it did move at three to five miles per hour, simply follow along. It took me four hours to drive what should have been a one-hour trip. Thanks to The Chief for that refresher course in winter driving!

However, the mission (find a beginner electric guitar in Memphis) was accomplished and, now, the results are in for my quest.

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