The Music & Sound Retailer: September 2018 Digital Edition


Wrap It Up!

The holidays are coming before we know it. Here are 27 products to perhaps stock at your store.

The Changing Face of Retail

The Music & Sound Retailer presents its 13th Annual Independent Retailer Roundtable.


Under the Hood

When it comes to the touring and array markets, the Adam Hall Group believes it is “one step ahead” with its LD Systems Curv 500 TS.


Five Minutes With

Yorkville Sound’s Steve Long joins us to tell us the keys to the company’s success for 55 years and why he is optimistic about the industry.

The Final Note

Hal Leonard’s Brad Smith once played a basketball shooting game with Katy Perry on an arena stage in front of 15,000 people. And that’s only one of the many great tidbits he provides for us this month.


MI Spy

MI Spy heads to the Ocean State, Rhode Island, to see if the customer service is as great as the state’s beaches.


Shine a Light

Alex Simpson purchased Rupp’s Drums in April. Learn what the 34-year-old has in store for the Denver business.

In the Trenches

Allen McBroom continues his discussion from last month with part two of “What Every New Music Store Owner Should Know.” This supersized article offers tons of awesome info.

Not Your Average Column

Tim Spicer looks back on this year’s summer season, the toughest time of year for most MI retailers. Find out what he did this year and what you can do to make future summers more productive.

Retailing Better

To have your coworkers take your company’s culture seriously, you have to spend time teaching them about what you value and why, explains Robert Christie.


Affiliation is a growing solution for smaller stores, but not one Dan Vedda treaded into lightly.





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