Shortly after announcing its best-selling B8 series would be replaced with the significantly improved B8X, SABIAN also announced it was adding Suspended cymbals to the new B8X line. The first-ever Suspended models in B8 alloy for the innovative cymbal maker, they are also the first ever Suspended cymbals at a school budget-friendly price point.

B8X Suspended Cymbals include fully hammered bells, modified profiles and smooth lathing.  These characteristics, as well as a great new logo and look, make B8X Suspended Cymbals a great value.   “The new B8X technology, low profile and B8 alloy combine to produce a high-pitched suspended cymbal with a rich and airy sound,” comments Nick Petrella, SABIAN Director of Education.  “We’re thrilled to offer such a high-quality Suspended Cymbal at a price all schools can afford.”

B8X Suspended cymbals are available in 16 and 18” and protected by a SABIAN 2-year warranty.

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