All the sound and feel of the original synths in a portable and enhanced package.



Taking all the pluses of its older brother, the Jupiter-8, the JP-08 uses Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior modeling to recreate tone and sound-design of the original, but with more LFO waveforms, increased VCO range and a built-in 16-step sequencer (saves up to 16 patterns). The module is also bite-sized for maximum portability, running on four AA batteries, and rocking a built-in speaker for on-the-go creations. Additionally, the JP-08 can be used as a 24-bit/44.1kHz USB audio interface.

Feels So Good

The JP-08 features a variable playground of 36 knobs and sliders that allow you to control every parameter, permitting creation of huge pads, leads and basses. Also included in the tactile-side of JP-08 are touch strips for pitch bend and modulation.

Enhanced Waveform & Range

Where the Roland JP-08 eclipses its older brother is in LFO options and VCO range. Triangle and noise waveforms have been added to the original LFO tool-set. VCO 1 now has sine and noise waveforms, as well as the original triangle, saw, square and pulse.

Electric Daisy Chaining

The four-voice module can re-create the full eight-voice of the original Jupiter by chaining two of them together. In chain mode you can control sound parameters for both modules from the master module; you can sweep filters, manipulate LFOs and tweak other parameters across both modules, without turning multiple knobs simultaneously.

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