Rhythm Band Instruments (RBI) has purchased TOCA Percussion from Drum Workshop, Inc. For more than 55 years, RBI has built a network of clinicians, educators, musicians and customer support staff, focused on bringing quality musical instruments and music-education products to students, educators and classrooms around the world. RBI is a leader in the development and distribution of elementary musical instruments and related materials, and it will wholly own TOCA Percussion and its line of hand percussion products and accessories.

“TOCA Percussion is a terrific asset, and it fits perfectly into both our existing position as a leader in the music-education space, and our go-forward plans for RBI Music,” Brad Kirkpatrick, RBI’s President, said. “We’re extremely enthusiastic about working with both entities’ suppliers, customers and artists to continue to build upon the legacy of TOCA Percussion.”

Rhythm Band is known for its brands of children’s instruments, including Kidsplay, Chromaharp and Boomwhackers tuned musical percussion tubes, as well as for being the exclusive distributor of brands that include Aulos, Noteknacks and pBuzz, among others. More recently, RBI has extended its strategic vision, becoming the exclusive North American distributor for a number of stringed and percussion musical instrument brands.

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