This year’s NAMM show hosted an impressive display of instruments, lighting, sound systems, software, hardware and all the accessories that go along with them. In an industry that is constantly evolving, it is an annual ritual to check out the goings-on in Hall E, where many (but not all) of NAMM’s freshmen reside. This year, there were nearly triple the amount of new exhibitors as there have been in years past, proving that this show is only continuing to grow. The NAMM newbies had a lot to take in and plenty to learn from veterans. Most of all, though, they were just happy to be there, showing off what they’ve got to the 95,000-plus people in attendance.

Their Stuff

Innovation Reigns Supreme
It was a pleasure to speak with Mike Miltimore, Founder of Riversong Guitars, a Canadian guitar company from British Columbia. Miltimore, who refers to himself as a “passion igniter,” certainly has a passion for the guitars he and his team introduced to NAMM show attendees. A second-generation retail store Owner, Miltimore began seriously building guitars about five years ago. Riversong Guitars, all of which are handmade in Canada with Canadian and traditional guitar woods, are built with the neck running through the back of the guitar. The neck joint is infinitely adjustable for angle, height and intonation, so adjustments can be made in real-time under string tension. “We’re building high-quality, innovative guitars with features and benefits that stand out from the crowd. That’s why we have a worldwide patent pending on it,” said Miltimore. “We call it ‘evolutionary,’ because ‘revolutionary’ is just a catchphrase.” This invention, a first for acoustic guitars, received a lot of attention at this year’s NAMM. MSRP is $995 and up, depending upon features and materials.
Jason Truda, President and CEO of Tru Tuner, has been working on his project for about four years. He is a musician who had the idea to create a

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