Porter & Davies, the company behind the BC2, BC2rm, BC Gigster, BC-X, TT6 Equipped Thrones and KT Platforms silent tactile monitoring systems, is celebrating its 10th anniversary later this month.

In 2009, drummer Dil Davies was struggling to hear and feel the bass drum when Oysterband toured. After a show, he and sound engineer Tim Porter were talking and decided they needed to do something about it. Several months later Porter presented Davies with a prototype BC2 and every drummer he showed it to, wanted it.  The system then developed rapidly with the creation of the patented seat design containing the transducer. In 2010 the two met Kevin Morris, drummer with Dr. Feelgood and the then UK DW Drum distributor. He helped Porter and Davies set up the brand and over the next ten years they turned an idea born of necessity into a global sensation.

The company’s first product to market was the BC2, initially, irreverently called the “BumChum.” This was quickly followed by the BC Gigster. Then in 2012, following requests from the drumming community, the rack mountable BC2rm was introduced.

It soon became clear that musicians other than drummers were interested in the benefits that the Porter & Davies gear offered: The faithful transfer of all notes including harmonics and dynamics with no time lag and the full the weight of the sound, all from a highly portable, easy to set up unit. In 2015, the KT Platform arrived which meant percussionists, bass players, guitarists, keyboard players and DJs could stand and feel their own instrument or choose a mix from the monitor board.

Two years later the TT6 Equipped Throne joined the Porter & Davies product range followed soon after by the BC-X, a super mini version of the highly sought after BC2 and BC Gigster.

“When we started this journey ten years ago, who would have believed we would have ended up where we are today, a world leader, with a multitude of top musicians using our product,” said co-founder Dil Davies.

“I think what we are most proud of is,”continued co-founder Tim Porter, “is over the course of the last decade we have stuck to our core idea of a quality product which we continue to improve and develop. We are as committed to delivering our vision today as we were 10 years ago.”

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