As COVID-19 restrictions continue to impact MI, Peavey Electronics is leveraging its social media presence to “share the love” with music merchants. To show gratitude and appreciation for its retailers, Peavey is highlighting many dealers safely selling its products and sharing their updates with Peavey’s supportive social media audience.

For decades, music dealers and shop owners have been an important and passionate part of the American small business fabric. Music retailers bring joy to their customers while sharing their knowledge and love for instruments and gear. In fact, Peavey Electronics founder and CEO Hartley Peavey’s earliest experiences in the music business were in retail.

“I was raised in my father’s music retail shop, and I have had the good fortune to be able to learn the music business from the inside out, as opposed to others that tried to learn this business from the outside in,” Hartley Peavey once told The Music & Sound Retailer. “We have always tried to support our dealers, believing that a big part of our responsibility is to supply products that have the features, advantages, and benefits that allow our dealers to sell our products profitably.”

Peavey has continued its commitment to dealers throughout the coronavirus crisis. From the onset of state shutdowns, Peavey reps called merchants to make sure their needs were being met. Through these conversations, Peavey as a company realized that everyone in the music business could use a little extra love right now. That’s why Peavey is using its social media platforms to call out retailers who are doing what they can to service and/or support their communities. Peavey dealers from coast to coast are being highlighted on the company’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. More stories and photos will follow in the weeks ahead.

#PeaveyDealer shout-outs are also an excellent way for fans and customers to learn the latest about music retailers in their local communities. In some states, retailers have resumed in-store browsing on a limited or by-appointment basis, while in other states, local merchants are offering curbside pickup and/or delivery. The current state of the industry speaks to its universal truth: people’s passion for making music will continue, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Peavey Electronics is asking their social media fans to call out Peavey dealers that deserve to be highlighted. Share the love by following Peavey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and drop a comment with the hashtag #PeaveyDealer.

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