The Music & Sound Retailer: October 2018 Digital Edition


Drumming to a Different Beat

Unlike in the past, new trends are driving the drum and percussion market that could shape the industry for years to come.

Tariff Talk

The Music & Sound Retailer adds this ever-important topic to its Made in the USA annual cover story. Find out what manufacturers think about tariffs, plus learn the value of producing products here at home.


Under the Hood

Fender is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its Jazzmaster via its Limited Edition 60th Anniversary ’58 Jazzmaster, Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Classic Jazzmaster and Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Triple Jazzmaster.


Five Minutes With

Kyle Thomas, artist marketing and B&O manager at D’Addario offers plenty of information regarding the state of drums and percussion today, as well as why the MI industry is doing well.

The Final Note

We offer plenty of “firepower” this month via Andy Powers, master builder at Taylor Guitars. Did you know he is a weather nerd?


MI Spy

The Gateway Arch, the Cardinals, Michael McDonald, Nelly, Chuck Berry, Miles Davis and MI Spy? OK, MI Spy has a long way to go… In the meantime, he/she checked out some drums in the St. Louis area.


Special to the Retailer

Abby Kaplan, vice president of global sales, retail at Shure, provides shopper engagement tips to help MI retailers compete in an online world.

In the Trenches

Is debt good or bad for your business? Allen McBroom gives his thoughts and enlists the help of others to get their viewpoints.

Shine a Light

We head to Ohio to check out Antonio Violins, which has truly become an important component of the communities in which it operates.

‘Hire’ Learning

Will Mason describes some important things to take into consideration when the time comes to make a decision on whether to hire a prospective employee.

Retailer Rebel

Some feel millennials make owning a retail establishment more difficult, due to alleged lack of loyalty and other factors. However, Gabriel O’Brien details why millennials aren’t the problem.


Dan Vedda firmly believes that the pundits who claim that the internet has killed brick and mortar are wrong on a couple of points. Here’s why.





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